Enrolled In Community College? You're Already Accepted To New England College

Jul 9, 2015

Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

From now on, any community college student in the nation will automatically be accepted to New England College in Henniker. The private, 4-year college revealed their new enrollment policy this week.

Brad Poznanski, NEC’s director of admissions, says so long as the student is in good academic standing, no application is necessary.

In 2014, 18 out of 44 transfer students came to NEC’s on-campus program from community colleges.

NEC is not facing declining enrollments, Poznanski says. Rather, he says, “we know that more than half of college students nationwide begin their education at a community college.” NEC would like to reach those students.

Tuition at NEC is close to $35,000 a year. But, Poznanski says, the average student  receives financial aid covering  half of that.