Elder Abuse In New Hampshire

Sep 5, 2013

It’s often a hidden problem: The aged living alone or isolate from the community, where they fall prey to mistreatment by caregivers or family members. The abuse can be physical, emotional or involve financial exploitation. Now, senior advocates are pushing to raise awareness about these problems and emphasize the responsibility to report them.

Credit SalFalko / Flickr Creative Commons


  • L. Rene Bergeron – Associate Professor of Social Work at UNH. Her research focus is in several areas relating to elder maltreatment, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Stephanie Whittier-Eliason, Elder Rights Team Lead at the Administration on Aging in the Health and Human Services Department.
  • Rachel Lakin – Operations Administrator with the Adult Protective Services Programs at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

*To report a case of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation in New Hampshire, call 1-800-949-0470.