The Economics of Immigration in the Granite State

Apr 13, 2012

As part of our yearlong look at immigration in New Hampshire, we’re zeroing in on the economics of immigration in the Granite State. The impacts of filling the employment needs of the state economy with immigrants, is now-- and has long been-- a topic for dispute. New Hampshire has a rich history of immigration and the immigrants of the nineteenth century faced many challenges. Now in the twenty-first century, New Hampshire’s economy is very different from the days of industrialization but the debate over immigrants and refugees hasn’t gone away. 


Eva Castillo: Coordinator for The New Hampshire Alliance of Immigrants and Refugees, a part of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition. Eva first came to America from Venezuela in 1976 and moved to New Hampshire in 1983.

Robert MacieskiAssociate Professor of history at UNH Manchester specializing in industrial, urban and immigration history.

We'll also hear from...

Tanya Dumont: Matching Grant Coordinator for Lutheran Social Services. She also helps many refugees find their first jobs. 

Ali Faraz: Co-owner of The Spice Market in Manchester, which sells foods and specially prepared meats and other items from the Middle East and South Asia. He also owns a cell phone business on the east side of Manchester. Originally from Pakistan, he's been living in New Hampshire for ten years.