Easy Trip For Monday Commuters Despite Weekend Storm

Dec 16, 2013

The season’s first major storm this weekend dumped snow across the state, with accumulations ranging from six inches to more than a foot.  But despite a tough weekend, it should be a relatively easy trip for Monday morning commuters. 

For this storm, timing was on the side of the state’s plow drivers.  The Department of Transportation had a lot of advance notice to mobilize more than 700 plows across New Hampshire.  And lower traffic volumes and favorable weather also helped. That’s according to DOT spokesman Bill Boynton.

“The temperatures remained cold, so it was very easy to plow without all the challenges of mixed precipitation that we face so often in New Hampshire," he says.  "The crews were out all night, and they really stayed on top of it.  By the early afternoon Sunday, the state highways were pretty much all black and wet across the state.”

Boynton estimates cleanup costs for the storm at around $2 million.  On average, he says the DOT spends about $40 million on storm maintenance by the end of winter.