During Visit To North Country Gingrich Challenges Romney's Republican Credentials

Jan 5, 2012

Newt Gingrich took jabs at Republican opponent Mitt Romney today/Thursday while making a campaign stop in the North Country. NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

About 100 people showed up for the town hall meeting with Gingrich at the Littleton Opera House.

He talked about the economy, the budget. And what he believes president Obama has done wrong, which Gingrich says is a lot.

And he took a big poke at Mitt Romney, typically seen as the Republican front runner.

“I have considerable respect for Gov. Romney’s abilities but the difference in our two approaches is about this big.”

He reached his arms out as far apart as possible.

“I spent 1979 and 80 helping to elect Gov. Reagan and I spent 80 through 88 working with him as a member of Congress. During that period Gov. Romney was an independent.”

Gingrich says Romney lacks a consistent, Republican provenance.

For NHPR News, this is Chris Jensen