DHHS Says It Expects To Overspend Its Current Budget

Jun 26, 2015

The 2015 size surplus or lapse has been a point of dispute between the Governor and Republican leaders for some time.

In crafting a new two-year state spending plan, GOP budget writers plan on $49 million rolling over July 1 after the 2015 fiscal cycle comes to a close.

But Sheri Rockburn, the Chief Financial Officer of  the Department of Health and Human Services, told the fiscal committee on Friday that the state's largest department expects to overspend its current budget. This means budget writers may lack a surplus they were banking on in their proposal.

“It’s premature to count on any lapses or surpluses and we are anticipating that the 49 million that they are at, may be too high,” she said Friday at the State House.

Rockburn told lawmakers that the increase in Medicaid caseloads and higher payments rates were not accounted for two years ago when the 2015 budget was crafted.

But she says how much money the department will eventually spend is something that cannot be known until September 30 when the state’s 2015 unofficial financial statements are out.