DHHS Issues Call for Contractors To Provide More Treatment Beds, Other Mental Health Services

Jul 5, 2017

In the last month, the governor signed both a sweeping mental health reform bill and a new state budget that included extra money meant to add more services. But it’s still going to take some time before those new treatment services are ready to go.

Most of the major changes included in that big reform package won’t be ready to go until this fall at the earliest. First, the state has to line up the providers that will actually oversee the new treatment beds and other services it called for.

Last week, New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services opened up applications for several key components of those mental health reforms, including: more mental health treatment beds, more beds for people who are involuntarily admitted but still waiting for treatment and more mobile crisis supports. DHHS also put a call out seeking outside help with reviewing the effectiveness of the state’s current mental health system. 

It will still likely be several months before these contracts are finalized and the services are up and running. The state is asking the provider of the mobile crisis team to launch by January 2018, while it’s looking to expand the new beds for people awaiting treatment by October.