Defense Rests In Mazzaglia Case

Jun 24, 2014

Seth Mazzaglia
Credit Jim Cole / AP Photo POOL

  The defense has rested in the trial of Seth Mazzaglia, the 31 year old Dover man charged with raping and killing UNH student Lizzi Marriott. 

Mazzaglia’s defense team rested after only two days, following 18 days of arguments from state prosecutors-- including extensive testimony by Mazzaglia’s 20-year-old ex-girlfriend, Kat McDonough.  The defendant did not testify on his own behalf.

During the prosecution, the state argued Mazzaglia strangled Marriott. The defense countered that McDonough accidentally asphyxiated Marriott during sex.

Both sides will present closing arguments at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning at the Strafford County Superior Courthouse.   In the afternoon, the judge will instruct the jury on each of the five counts charged against Mazzaglia.

The jury will deliver their verdict after deliberations – the duration of which is unknown.