Dartmouth College to Compensate Neighbors Impacted By Lab Dump

Feb 7, 2017

Credit Flickr Creative Commons / Brave Sir Robin

  Dartmouth College has announced plans to offer compensation to homeowners impacted by groundwater contamination coming from a site where the New Hampshire Ivy League once dumped animals used in science experiments.

The school's Rennie Farm was used from the 1960s until 1978 to dump carcasses from "tracer experiments," in which scientists used radioactive compounds to see how things moved through life systems. One of the chemicals used in the experiments leaked into the groundwater around the site — raising fears that property values had been impacted.

Should a homeowner want to sell, the college said Monday that it would make up the difference between a sale and the fair market value of the home or buy the property outright. Forty-eight homeowners are eligible for the program.