Daniel Webster College Campus May Become Home to Chinese University

Oct 24, 2017

The former Daniel Webster College campus in Nashua may soon be home to a Chinese university.

At Monday’s auction, four buyers put in bids for the 53-acre campus, including one of the state’s largest landlords – Brady Sullivan Properties. There was also a local development group, a drug rehab facility from the mid-Atlantic, and a university from China.

The bidding started at nearly $7 million and lasted about an hour and a half when the highest bid came in at $11.6 million from the Chinese university.

The exact school has not been disclosed. But sources at the auction say it’s a school with about 28,000 students who were looking to have a satellite campus in the U.S.

The lawyer who represented the school at the auction could not be reached for comment.

The sale needs approval from bankruptcy court before it’s final.