Cruz Returns To N.H. -- This Time As A Presidential Candidate

Mar 27, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz greets supporters in Merrimack during his first visit to New Hampshire since announcing his presidential candidacy.
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in New Hampshire for the first time since he announced his bid for President on Monday.

Ted Cruz made his first stop at a VFW hall in Merrimack where he told the hundred plus crowd that the country needs a president who honors the logic of the founders.

“This country was built on a promise. It was built on an extraordinary idea that our rights don’t come from government they come from God and our founding documents, the declaration, the constitution were designed to rein in government and protect those God-given rights, ” Cruz said on Friday.

Ted Cruz was greeted with dozens of young supporters during his arrive to the Granite State on Friday.
Credit Paige Sutherland / NHPR

But in New Hampshire, which is one of the most secular states in the country, Cruz’s brand of conservatism might not be a natural fit.

Cruz also told reporters before the event that the American Dream that, "our kids would have a better life than we did, is slipping away," adding that returning to America's roots is the only way to bring it back. 

The GOP candidate also harshly criticized Obamacare and common core standards, stressing that the federal government has no role in education.

Although Cruz is the only Republican candidate to officially announce, about a dozen others are expected to jump in the race.

Ted Cruz made his rounds at the VFW in Merrimack.
Credit Paige Sutherland / NHPR

But Cruz asked voters to put all presidential candidates to one key test -- do they keep their word.

“In a Republican primary every candidate says he or she is the most conservative person ever to live. I think the question primary voters should ask is show me. Show me have you walked the walk, have you actually followed through on actions,” he said.

Cruz also spoke in Nashua on Friday and is scheduled to campaign in Greenland Saturday.