Corrections Officer Charged with Smuggling

Jul 13, 2012

A corrections officer at the Cheshire County Jail has been arrested for smuggling drugs into the facility.

23-year old Shane Stockwell had been employed with the jail for over a year. But on Wednesday evening, Keene Police and corrections staff caught the Swanzey-resident in a drug hand-off outside the facility.

Rick Van Wickler is the Cheshire County Department of Corrections Superintendent.

"We worked very well together to make sure that this particular incident was brought to an end as quickly and peacefully as possible."

Keene police haven’t released details of what exactly Stockwell was allegedly trying to smuggle. Van Wickler says his staff works diligently to keep substances out of the jail.

"Contraband of all kinds, including illegal drugs, are a constant problem for Department of Corrections everywhere around the world."

Stockwell has been released on bail and is due to be arraigned August 1st.