Conference Takes On Issues Facing Nonprofits

May 31, 2013

Terry Knowles explains the Charitable Trusts Unit's work at the Culture OneStop conference.
Credit Amanda Loder / NHPR

With more than 8,400 nonprofits operating in New Hampshire, a lot of residents volunteer to serve on boards, sometimes without knowing what’s involved.  A number of state agencies held the "Culture OneStop" conference in Concord today.

The New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits estimates at least 40,000 to 50,000 people serve on boards in the state.  Terry Knowles is Assistant Director of the Charitable Trusts Unit at the Attorney General’s office.  She says while board members may be passionate about the organization’s mission, they don’t always understand their money management responsibilities.

“They suddenly realize the money’s not coming in to sustain their mission, but rather than dealing with it realistically, they allow it to continue happening, and eventually the organization crosses that line where it’s no longer viable,” Knowles says

Other agencies gave presentations about insurance, labor issues, and economic development.