Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley will be at Jefferson Jackson Dinner Sunday

Nov 27, 2015

Credit Rembrandt Peale, courtesy White House Historical Association/Thomas Sully, courtesy US Senate

 This Sunday New Hampshire’s Democratic Party hosts its annual Jefferson Jackson dinner. 

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley will all be there Sunday, joining Governor Hassan and Senator Shaheen at Manchester’s Radisson Ballroom. The event is sold out.

The Jefferson Jackson dinner is one of the Democratic Party’s major annual traditions. But event’s namesake has gone up for question—both Presidents Jefferson and Jackson were slave owners. Missouri, Connecticut, and Georgia did give their annual dinners new names. Iowa made the move as well, but not before their dinner this year. Here in New Hampshire, the issue bounced around a few different committees but for now, there’s been no name change.