Claremont Bacon Maker Sold To Canadian Pork Company

Mar 10, 2015

A Canadian company has purchased a New Hampshire pork products producer, but the company says the sale shouldn’t affect the 35 jobs at its facility in Claremont.

Bacon makes up 80 percent of North Country Smokehouse’s business, but it also puts out some sausage, ham, and smoked cheeses. According to the company’s president, Mike Satzow, it gets much of their pork from a Canadian company that’s buying them, Les Spécialités Prodal.

“They are the largest producers of organic and natural pork on the continent,” says Satzow.

Satzow says his facility is maxing out, and needs to expand, which this acquisition will help. He says it’s more of a marriage, than a takeover.

“We’re making it legitimate,” he says, chuckling.

Satzow says both he and the other employees in the Claremont facility will stay on under the new owner, and even hinted that the purchase could result in more jobs for the town, nothing “there’s going to be exciting opportunities for Claremont.”

In a statement, the president of Prodal said his company already involved in producing specialty pork products through a Canadian sister company, Les Viandes du Breton Inc. But he said this deal will give both companies “access to new markets.”