Cilley Slips in Democratic Primary

Sep 12, 2012

Perhaps the biggest surprise of last night was not that Democrat Jackie Cilley lost to her rival Maggie, Hassan, but by how big a margin. What was supposed to be a close race turned out to be a run-away.

This primary season the question has been: will democrats elect a candidate who hasn’t pledged to veto an income or sales tax? From the outset, Cilley has made not taking such a pledge the centerpiece of her campaign.

But with the very first poll returns it was clear that Cilley was in for a rough night. Later she took the podium to concede the race.

Cilley: We moved the needle on pledge politics, we didn’t move it far enough, I understand that. But, we need to carry this fight on.

She lost the Democratic primary by double-digit margins.

The question for November will be, can Cilley supporters, who were very excited about Cilley, get excited enough to turn out and vote for Maggie Hassan.