Business Group To Host Forum On Commuter Rail

Jun 1, 2015


Credit Photo by Tim Cummins via Flickr Creative Commons

The conversation over the benefits and pitfalls of bringing commuter rail into New Hampshire will continue Monday at a forum hosted by the Business and Industry Association.

Senators rejected a plan last week to spend $4 million on an environmental and engineering study of rail, but supporters of the plan are pushing forward with their efforts.

Monday's forum includes supporters and opponents. Speakers Michael Skelton, president of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and Michael Izbicki, chair of the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority, support the project.

Other speakers include Josh Elliott-Traficante, a policy analyst with the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy studies, and Rep. Neal Kurk, chairman of the House Finance Committee. The Josiah Bartlett Center has questioned the economic and budgetary benefits of the project.