In Bow, Bush Calls For Higher Ed Overhaul

Jan 24, 2016

It's a busy weekend in New Hampshire for Republican presidential candidates. Among those on the trail this weekend: Jeb Bush. 

The former Florida governor took questions Saturday at Bow Elementary School on a range of topics, including the cost of higher education. Bush said he would replace the federal student loan program with a line of credit available to each student looking for a college degree or a vocational program.

"If you took down ten thousand bucks," Bush said, "you would pay one percent of your income for the next 25 years until you paid it off. It would be a basic contract paid through the IRS when you file your taxes. It's elegant, it's simple, it's not mind-numbingly complicated like the student loan program is, it doesn't put a huge burden on the next generation."

Bush was also one of seven candidates to speak at the New Hampshire Republican Party's First in the Nation Presidential Town Hall event in Nashua yesterday. Today Ohio Governor John Kasich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are holding events in the state.