Better Civilian Care Through Military Culture Education

May 28, 2015

A program designed to teach doctors, police officers, and other caregivers about military culture is set to launch in New Hampshire this summer.

The Portsmouth-based Dare Mighty Things will run the courses. They've been running similar courses for years in other states. 

A survey of New Hampshire veterans last year found that veterans often report feeling misunderstood by civilian doctors, police officers, and school officials—and that creates a barrier to care and services.

Jacqueline Bessette of Dare Mighty Things says these courses attempt to change that.

"New Hampshire has 113,000 veterans and just under 30,000 of those veterans received services at the VA," she says. "So this campaign is really about partnering with the VA and strengthening our overall service structure across military and civilian sectors."

Dare Mighty Things plans to launch these courses in August and hold fifty of them across the state by June of 2016.  In the meantime, they’re seeking volunteers from the military to serve as instructors.