Barter Your Homemade and Homegrown Foodstuffs Sunday At Seacoast Swap

Jul 18, 2014

Pickled garlic scapes
Credit Erin Urquhart / Putting Up With Erin

About 40 foodies are expected to show up at the Seacoast’s first community Food Swap this Sunday at Frank Jones Mansion in Portsmouth. 

Organizer Erin Urquhart says it works like this:

You get together and one person says 'ok I have two cans of blueberry jam, I have two pounds of carrots, I’m willing to swap for that,' and someone behind you says 'I have a sheet of brownies that I made, I want that instead.'

Urquhart's partner is a chef in Exeter, and she writes a blog about pickling.  She says at a food swap, food is your currency. There are other swaps in Portland Maine,  Boston, San Francisco and elsewhere.

The swap gets underway Sunday afternoon at the Frank Jones Mansion in Portsmouth.  Entry costs five dollars—plus whatever food you decide to barter.