From the Archives: NPR's Margot Adler

Jul 29, 2014

Credit NPR

Earlier this week, longtime NPR reporter Margot Adler died. Morning Edition produced a great story about her career.

Last year she was a featured speaker at the Monadnock Summer Lyceum in Peterborough. As part of our partnership with the Lyceum, we broadcast her address, which was on a bit of a pet topic for her...vampires. Specifically, how cultures telegraph their own strengths and weaknesses onto the mythical creatures and reinvent them into the beasts that are required for a given generation. Her fascination with the monsters began when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Adler then took some questions from the audience.

She was also one of the last guests on Talk of the Nation in 2013, discussing with Neal Conan her research into the subject.