From The Archives: Boston Marathon Stories

Apr 16, 2014

Credit wallyg / Flickr Creative Commons

One year after the tragedy at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, we remember the many stories of heartbreak and of courage that abound at the time and have transpired since.

Earlier this week, The Exchange reflected upon this, talking with a roundtable of Granite Staters about their memories and thoughts over the past year, and what’s changed. Word of Mouth's Virginia Prescott spoke with Yankee Magazine's Mel Allen and his reflections on the goodness that prevailed a year ago in his article “The Memories We Choose.”

But it's worth remembering the many stories from the 115 runnings before 2013, it's these stories that made the event an international touchstone. In 2004, The Exchange examined the years of history and lore of the world’s oldest and most prestigious Marathon. From Johnny Kelly, to Heartbreak Hill to the Kenyan invasion.

Another great story was the one about the only Granite Stater to win the race in 1909, from our resident marathoner, producer Keith Shields. And in 2005, Keith tried to explain how marathoners are born and why they keep doing it.

Todd Bookman profiled of a couple of notable New Hampshire women who were preparing for the the 2010 marathon.