Another Delay For Northern Pass

May 1, 2015



Assuming the Northern Pass project is approved, it will not be fully operational until the first half of 2019, Eversource Energy official Lee Olivier said during a conference call with analysts.

That’s a delay of about six months, which Olivier said was due in part to an extended regulatory process.

When the project was announced late in 2010 officials said it should be operating by 2015. But that was before it became a highly controversial project opposed - in its current form - by politicians including Gov. Hassan.

Nevertheless Olivier told the analysts Thursday that the project is doing well in New Hampshire.

“In the New Hampshire legislature there were two bills proposed that would have hurt the project and neither one moved forward," he said. “Moreover we have expanded the benefits that Northern Pass will provide to New Hampshire.”

He cited a $3 million contribution to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and $200,000 being available to businesses in Coos County for job creation.

Within the next few months the U.S. Department of Energy is expected to release its draft Environmental Impact Statement on the project. That will open a comment period for the public. 

Northern Pass officials have said shortly after the impact statement is released they expect to formally put the project before the state's Site Evaluation Committee.

Both the DOE and SEC must approve the project before it can move forward.