Another Chapter: N.H.'s Education Funding Debate Returns

Feb 11, 2015

New Hampshire has been engaged in a perennial argument about the state’s role in paying for schools. In 2011, a compromise put that debate on hold. But dissatisfaction has been brewing and now a bipartisan bill would tweak the formula, igniting speculation about who would win and who would lose under a new arrangement.

Credit Melissa Moreno / Flickr/CC


  • David Bates - Republican state representative from Windham
  • Mark Joyce - Executive Director of the New Hampshire School Administrators Association
  • Garry Rayno - Statehouse reporter for The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News


  • The bill: "An act repealing the limitation on the total education grant distributed to a municipality in a fiscal year and reducing the stabilization grants to certain municipalities."
  • NHPR's report on the education funding debate this year: "Doling out that extra money combined with a cap on funding growth leads to an odd situation: districts with shrinking enrollment – which include most of the state’s schools – end up keeping their funding flat, while at the same time, growing districts see their funding cut off because of the cap."