America Abroad - America and the Middle East: What Lies Ahead


Anchor: Ray Suarez

America and the Middle East: What Lies Ahead

Today, the Middle East is at a crossroads. And so is American policy in the region. Last December, after 9 years of war, US troops left Iraq - probably for good. The war in Afghanistan is winding down too - as American soldiers begin to transfer authority to Afghan forces. And as the Arab revolutions rippled across the region over the past year, toppling the old order, America largely looked on from the sidelines. On top of it all, in light of the financial crisis, Americans are increasingly focused inward – on jobs and the economy. So what will the future of American policy in the Middle East look like?

In this edition of America Abroad, with so much uncertainty in the region, and so much changing from one day to the next, we’ll look to the lessons of the past. We’ll look back at exactly how the United States first got into – and then out of – Afghanistan in the 1980s…And we’ll trace Iran’s past efforts to throw its weight around in the region…