Alleged Owner of Wolfeboro Puppy Mill Faces More Charges

Sep 6, 2017

Credit Courtesy of Meredith Lee/Humane Society of the U.S.

A Wolfeboro woman is facing 12 additional charges of animal cruelty following the removal of dozens of Great Dane dogs from her mansion in Wolfeboro.

In a story that grabbed national headlines in June, police raided a 13,000-square-foot mansion owned by Christina Fay. Inside, they found 75 European Great Dane dogs, many of which were alleged to be in poor physical condition.

At an additional property in the town of Bartlett, police confiscated nine other Great Danes linked to Fay.

After initially filing two charges of animal cruelty, the state on Wednesday added 12 more counts. They say some of the dogs were being held in a basement with limited light and ventilation. Other dogs were underweight, had pressure sores, and many, the state contends, had untreated eye issues.

The dog’s owner, however, describes herself in new court documents as a “very fastidious and attentive dog owner” whose purpose was to improve the breed.

Fay says she has veterinary records that prove her care and concern for the animals, and that she kept a daily schedule for feeding, watering, exercising and cleaning the spaces where she raised the dogs.

Fay has argued for the dogs removal from the care of the Humane Society, who she says are using them as a fundraising gimmick. The Humane Society is covering the costs of boarding and treating the dogs, which could reach $500,000.

A trial has been scheduled for October 25 in Ossipee District Court.