With All Nine Votes Counted At Dixville Notch, Kasich & Sanders Take Top Spots

Feb 9, 2016

Seconds counted and Dixville moderator Tom Tillotson checked two watches before declaring the voting could begin - about 15 seconds after midnight.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

At Dixville Notch the traditional midnight primary voting took less than a minute for the ballots to be cast by the four Republicans, four independents and one Democrat.

Moderator Tom Tillotson announced the results.

“On the Republican side we have for Donald J. Trump two. For John R. Kasich we have three. On the Democratic side we have four votes cast for Bernie Sanders. None for Hillary.”

The vote took place at the shuttered Balsams Resort. Most of the voters in previous years moved away after the resort closed late in 2011.

Four of those nine midnight voters just registered.

One of those is Les Otten, the Maine entrepreneur hoping to reopen the Balsams as a year-round resort.  The other three are his employees. 

The midnight voting at Dixville Notch was not universally exciting.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Three of the nine are Tillotsons. That family once owned the Balsams and started the tradition of a midnight vote.

They were watched by about four dozen news crews, including one from Belgium.

Reporters and photographers from about four dozen news organizations gathered to watch nine voters at Dixville Notch.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR