After Dry-Run, State Gears Up For First Voter ID Election

Nov 2, 2012

The State’s election officials are gearing up for Election Day, preparing voters and town workers to implement the state’s new voter ID law.

Attorney General Michael Delaney (Left) and Secretary of State Bill Gardner trying to get the word out abou the new voter ID law
Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

Back in September, the new law required poll workers to ask for an ID during the primary. The idea was to start educating voters, even though it wasn’t required to vote.

The Secretary of State’s office says around 6.5% of voters either didn’t have an ID, or refused to show one in protest of the new law.

Delaney: Obviously it’s a sensitive issue.

In an effort to bring those numbers down Attorney General Michael Delaney is trying to make sure every voter knows exactly what’s required at the polls.

Delaney: They should bring their photo identification to the polling place because they’re going to be asked to show it, at the same time there is not a requirement that you have that photo identification to vote.

Voters without an ID can sign an affidavit confirming their identity, and will get a letter in the mail verifying that they voted.

The state is also offering free voter IDs, but says so far only 30 people, in the entire state, have requested one.