Advice Columnist Margo Howard Retires

Originally published on July 10, 2013 7:17 am

Margo Howard is the only child of the beloved advice columnist Ann Landers. Her mother’s twin sister, Pauline Phillips, was Dear Abby.

Howard became a journalist but resisted the family business for three decades. She finally said yes to in 1998 with her Dear Prudence column. She then went on to the syndicated Dear Margo column.

Howard is retiring from the advice business but is now writing a book about her four marriages and her life called “Eat, Drink and Remarry: A How Not To Book.”


  • Margo Howard, writer and former advice columnist. She’s the only child of advice columnist Eppie Lederer, better known by her pen name, Ann Landers. She tweets @Margoandhow.
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