9.15.15: Mindfulness in Schools & The Song of the Fall

Sep 15, 2015

Meditation, sitting, mindfulness: whatever you call it, it’s springing up everywhere - from Google’s corporate offices to high school classrooms in the Bronx. But can techniques developed to help hospital patients really improve the lives of low-income students? Today, why mindfulness has a place in the classroom. Plus, music industry insiders clamor to predict and announce the summer’s most popular hit – but what about the song of the fall?  We’ll discuss the qualities that make up a classic autumnal anthem. 

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Bringing Mindfulness Into the Classroom

Argos Gonzalez is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor and English teacher at the Arturo A. Schomburg Satellite Academy in the Bronx. He is also adjunct instructor at Hunter College where he teaches literacy instruction. We read about him and the benefits of mindfulness in the classroom in the Atlantic

Mindfulness With Toddlers

Erin Woo is founder of the White Pine Montessori school in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, where she teaches mindfulness techniques in her classroom and in her community.

The Song of the Fall

After the annual fervor to find out what the big summer jam is going to be, and discovering the hit holiday song, autumn seems positively forgotten – so, we wanted to figure out what a fall anthem might sound like, and discuss seasonal trends in the music industry. We assembled a panel to talk it over and give us their picks for a “Song of the Fall”: Carl Wilson, music critic for Slate; Maura Johnston, music critic and editor of Maura Magazine; and Alex Gale, senior editor at Billboard. You can find more, including links to their song picks, here. 

And to get you into an autumnal groove, here's one of our own picks for a "Song of the Fall": 

The Ninth Symphony

Sometimes a hit song lasts for a season – sometimes a track stays with you for years.  But every now and again, there’s a piece of music that moves you – that digs into your psyche and changes the way you think about the world.  Song Story is a project where people recollect those moments –in this episode filmmaker Kerry Candaele remembers how a single composition changed the trajectory of his life – and his career.

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