8.25.14: The Climate Saving Power Of Whale Poo & China's Internet Superpower

Aug 25, 2014


Credit kohane via Flickr CC

  Today, about 70 percent of the earth’s oxygen comes from marine plants. We slip beneath the surface to find out how a rebounding whale population could help spur phytoplankton growth…and slow climate change. But first: more than 4000 wells have been drilled since 2008, and the county expects to be pumping for decades. A UNH professor explains why he set out to learn more about North Dakota’s oil country, by walking 65 miles across it. Plus, we take a look at the China-based e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, the most powerful company you’ve never heard about.

This show originally aired on 7.28.14. You can view the full post, along with audio, here