5 Shows We Hate-Watched in 2012

Dec 19, 2012

Credit random ideal via Flickr Creative Commons

A new TV trend has emerged, "hate-watching," or staying true to shows that make you feel a little bit bad about yourself the morning.

This year we found hate-watch blogs on TV Guide, The Root, and TV.com, among other places. We've also compiled our own list, curated by Senior Producer and resident television addict Rebecca Lavoie.

1. Homeland

This year, Homeland went from being a thriller about terrorism, the secret mental illness of a CIA operative, and US foreign policy to the best-acted, worst-written soap opera on television. Without spoiling too much, the implausibility index was off the charts, with plot points that included the world's most wanted man hiding out in an abandoned stateside factory and Carrie's acceptance back into the CIA after being committed. And then, of course, there was Dana.

2. The Newsroom

Just about everyone in our newsroom watches this show...and so do I. Our high hopes of a new West Wing were quickly dashed with this latest Sorkin series, especially because the characters are, well, really stupid. Especially Maggie Jordan.

3. Downton Abbey

Let's face it...you love this show, I love this show, we ALL love this show. You know why? Because it's a British Young and the Restless, that's why. Need proof? How about this...while Matthew was getting shot in the back, confined to a wheelchair, feeling secret tingles and then miraculously walking...so was Jack Abbott!

4. Mad Men

I would never consider stopping watching Mad Men, but this year, it got a little hate-watchy. Why? One word: Megan. I liked it a whole lot better when Don Draper was squirming because he was afraid of getting caught philandering by Betty, rather than because of this hot mess.

5. Nashville

Nashville is awesome. There, I said it. So why does it end up on the hate-watch list? Mostly because of how people look at me when I tell them I watch Nashville, that's why. But trust me...it's just...awesome. I swear. Really.