3.26.14: Novelist Ismael Beah & The Economics Of Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mar 26, 2014

Credit via indiebound.org

L.L. Bean, The North Face, Nordstrom and Land’s End all sell apparel, but they have another thing in common: they guarantee their merchandise for life. But is that really a shrewd business move? Today on Word of Mouth, the pros and cons of the lifetime guarantee.  Plus, Producer Zach Nugent interviews a few people who have tested that policy, and talks to one company’s PR rep about the fine print of their policy.

Also today, child-soldier-turned novelist Ishmael Beah talks about rebuilding lives, communities, and trust after a brutal war.

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Ismael Beah - Radiance of Tomorrow

Virginia Prescott: Listening Beneath the Noise

  • Virginia talks about her lifelong pursuit of careful listening. You can see Virginia's talk, live, at the Next Stage in Putney, Vermont on March 31st at 7:00pm. 

The Economics Behind Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Most retail return policies have a healthy dose of fine print, but a few brands will always take back their products, no questions asked. From a business perspective, does it make sense? Robert Klara is an author and staff writer for Adweek where he wrote about "15 Purchases That May Outlive You." He also has a list of the brands that offer Lifetime Guarantees.

What's Your Policy On Returning Items ?

  • Producer Zach Nugent asked a few people about their experience returning items and even talked to a renowned New England brand about their Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.