3.1.14: The Anti-Oscar Show

Feb 28, 2014

"Where's the after-party?"
Credit Taylor Quimby

This Sunday marks the zenith of award season spectacle - the 86th Annual Academy Awards.  There will be winning speeches, and silent snubs. Triumphant toasts, and whispered words of consolation. Some will openly weep with joy, and others will wipe away tears of another temperment. Today, Word of Mouth turns away from the glam and glitz of the Academy Awards to investigate the crimson underbelly of the red carpet, and the painful truth that for every winner, there are far more losers.

And The Winner Is....

Part 1: The Art of Writing Rejection Letters

Part 2:  Oscar Smear Campaigns

Part 3: Oscar's Evil Twin:  The 'Golden Rasberry' Awards

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