2.12.15: The Science Of Smelling, Crowd Funding Hate, & Good Gig

Feb 15, 2015

"The Boy Who Smelled Everything," published in the August 1959 issue of Family Circle magazine. Illustration by Richard Hook.
Credit clotho98 via flickr Creative Commons / flic.kr/p/7xS1rf

Scents can evoke memories, arouse appetite, and even alter moods. On today’s show we’ll sniff out the science of smell.

Then, internet trolling can be a hobby for angry people with a sadistic bent, but now crowd funding is supporting a new brand of professional troll. We’ll take a look into the lucrative business of posting hate.

Plus, for the latest installment of our series Good Gig we’ll talk to a music editor who’s compiled the 101 strangest records on Spotify.

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The Science Of Smelling

How To Cope With Crop Dusting

  • Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag, hosts of the NPR podcast, How To Do Everything, tackle an unpleasant experience all too familiar to seasoned travelers.
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Crowd Funding Hate

Good Gig: Browse Editor for Spotify

100 Songs in a Day

  • Maybe the big-name musicians have it wrong. We bring you the story of an unknown songwriter who is raking in the Spotify royalty checks, one song at a time. PJ Vogt, now co-host of the podcast Replay All, produced this story for TLDR.
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Producer's note: This show originally aired on 1/28/2015.