2.12.14: Russia's Anti-Gay Laws, A Tale Of Two Castles & Book Rec's From Experts

Feb 12, 2014

Credit Johnny9s via flickr Creative Commons

While Russia celebrated its history and artistry at the spectacular opening to the Sochi games, protestors of Putin’s anti-gay propaganda laws were being carted off to jail. Today on Word of Mouth, a writer travels to Russia to learn about life for gay people trapped in the iron closet. 

Also today, India’s luge champ, Mexico’s royal mariachi ski racer and a few other unlikely heroes to watch for at Sochi. Plus, the book awards chosen by critics who read everything. Listen to the full show here, and scroll down for links and more.

Inside the Iron Closet

  • The pageantry and spectacle of Sochi's Olympic Opening Ceremonies chronicled the very best parts of Russian history. Elsewhere in the country, Russian police were arresting gay rights activists for violating the new anti-gay laws. Jeff Sharlet traveled to St. Petersburg and Moscow to investigate what wasn't included in the show.

Unexpected Olympic Heroes

  • The Winter Olympics are no strangers to unlikely athletes, the first thing that comes to mind is a bobsled team from the tropical nation of Jamaica. Ollie Williams joins us to discuss the '10 Unlikely Contenders' at this years events. Click here for the full list.

A Tale of Two Castles

  • From mammoth ice structures to snowshoe racers, NHPR reporter Sean Hurley finds the humanity in some of the chilliest corners of the North Country. This time he brings us a story that begins as so many good ones do: with a chance encounter. Check out photos and the full sound from Sean's adventure, right here.

The National Book Critics Circle Awards

  • Michele Filgate and Eric Banks join us to talk about the awards, and the books everyone is talking about. We've got their list of nominees and links to where to buy, right here.