2016 Will Be A 'Very Good Year' For New Hampshire Economy, Forecast Says

Oct 14, 2015

Credit Kandy Jaxx / Flickr

The latest economic report from the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies says 2016 will bring New Hampshire some of the strongest economic growth it’s seen in the last few years.

The forecast expects job growth to pick up more speed, and that the new jobs will, more often than not, pay above-average wages.

The report’s author, economist Dennis Delay, says New Hampshire benefits from national economic trends, such as a strong real estate market and cheaper energy.

“Virtually everything that we need to produce energy in New Hampshire comes from someplace else,” Delay says. “Whenever energy prices are low, that’s really good news for the New Hampshire economy.”

As for potential economic challenges, Delay points to infrastructure issues – from concerns about energy capacity, to deteriorating roads and bridges, to gaps in broadband internet access.