2014: Manchester Crime In Historical Context

Jan 12, 2015

Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

  Overall, crime is down in the Queen City. By about 6% compared to 2013 if you look at Part 1 crime statistics, which includes violent and property crimes. Coming off of a crime wave in 2013, one might have expected a drop to occur naturally but experts say the drug problem is getting worse.

Targeted efforts by the Manchester Police Department to increase patrols in hot spots and to arrest more street level drug dealers may have played a significant role in the drop in crime.

Here are some numbers compared to past years. The dip in property crime may be insignificant to the overall trend. Most agree that addiction to drugs like heroin is the source of the problem and even Chief David Mara says you can't arrest away that issue. But as a police chief, that's the only tool he has to work with. Even major operations to take drug dealers off the streets are a temporary solution.

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