2012 Auto-Industry Predictions

Jan 3, 2012

In the span of one year, a business can achieve record-breaking profits, or suffer staggering financial losses – and despite the size of its product or the confidence with which it’s marketed, the automotive industry has proven to be no exception. You only have to look as far back as March of last year – when a massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan took the lives of thousands, set off an international nuclear scare, and sent Toyota’s quarterly profits plummeting as production was delayed, and parts suppliers were wiped out. Nobody can predict with certainty what events will shape our lives or our businesses in 2012 – but advancing technology and consumer habits can provide a sort of predictive GPS as to where the auto industry may be headed and here to gaze into her chrome-colored crystal ball and make some educated guesses about just that is Jamie Page Deaton. She’s managing editor of US News and World Report’s Best Car Rankings, and frequent word of mouth guest.

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