1.5.15: The Internet's Last Refuge, The Brain As Fountain Of Youth, & Secret Sidekicks

Jan 5, 2015

Chat: Then and Now
Credit L: Blake Patterson R: The Verge / flic.kr/p/8Z7VsR | bit.ly/1pMBf6S

In the early days of the internet, millions flocked to chat rooms to connect with like minds – and bodies -- the world over. But the group chat was soon replaced by Facebook and Twitter…or was it? On today’s show, the group chat makes a comeback.

Then, western history is dominated by stories of great men and women, but we rarely hear about those who helped them along the way. We’ll unearth history’s secret sidekicks: from the man who encouraged Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. to embrace pacifism, to Julia Warhol, who set her son Andy on a path to the art world.

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The Internet's Last Refuge

What if Age is Only a Mindset?

A Time Capsule of Early American Medicine

  • The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum in Old Town Alexandria is a fully preserved 19th century pharmacy with all the weird drugs and implements you'd expect to be used back then. Producer Lauren Ober spoke to the museum curator Callie Stapp, and brings us this story.
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History's Secret Sidekicks

Frugal Science: How One Lab Is Using Toys to Make Chemistry Accessible to the World

  • An educator and scientist wants to give all underprivileged and under-curious kids an opportunity to do great things by introducing them to a new kind of cheap, educational toy. Producer Angela Johnston of KALW reports.
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