12.14.15: Cuba Claims, Rogue Laughter, & J.M. Hirsch's Top Cookbooks of 2015

Dec 14, 2015

After Fidel Castro nationalized Cuba’s farms and businesses, thousands fled, leaving factories, farms and assets that now add up to eight-billion in claims from Exxon to Walt Disney. On today's show, the complicated task of settling decades old suits and how these kinds of Cold War hangovers could affect US/Cuba reconciliation.   

Then, we shift into holiday gear. Cookbooks are a wonderful gift for the foodies in your life, but sifting through the thousands of new selections can be daunting. We'll hear about 2015's best from AP food editor J.M. Hirsch.

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Cuba Claims

Now that Cuba and America are normalizing relations, diplomats from both countries are discussing what's owed to whom, including Cuba’s demand that the US pay billions in reparations for the US trade embargo. Meanwhile, speculators are lining up to get a slice of debts to be paid and money to be made in the emerging market.

Seth Stevenson is a senior writer at Slate where he wrote about how these cold war hangovers could affect US/Cuba reconciliation.

Seeing Isn't Always Believing

They say seeing is believing, but anyone who has witnessed a magic trick, or any number of optical illusions, knows you can't always believe what you see. Here's proof, from Nate Dimeo and The Memory Palace.

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J.M. Hirsch's Top Cookbook Picks of 2015

Cookbooks are a wonderful gift for the foodies, or aspiring foodies in your life. But how do you choose one you'll do more than just admire from the paleo, gluten-free, Mediterranean-rich, tea-infused, grind-your-own pasta flour variety that were published by thousands in 2015? We've got associated press food editor J.M. Hirsch. He sifted through the pile for the most useful, interesting and inspiring food books of the year. 

We've got the full list, complete with photos and notes at this link: Gift Guide for Foodies: J.M. Hirsch's Top Cookbooks of 2015

Life Lessons From the Kitchen

In this interview for StoryCorps, Chloe Longfellow remembers her grandmother Doris Louise Rolison, with whom she shared a special relationship in the kitchen.  

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Rogue Laughter

Don Aucoin, theater critic for The Boston Globe, recently wrote about the phenomenon of “Rogue Laughter” in theaters and why audience behavior has become such a hot button topic. 'Rogue Laughter'? It's an Occupational Hazard for Actors

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