All 24 seats in the New Hampshire Senate are on the ballot this year. Republicans currently hold a four seat majority there, but Democrats hope a strong showing at the polls could given them control of the chamber, for the first time in nearly a decade. 

This week, we're checking in on a handful of swing seats in the Senate, places where the outcome on Election Day will be critical to the balance of power in the State House next year.

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New Hampshire Police Chiefs say a forthcoming report on marijuana legalization shows that now is a bad time to legalize recreational pot here.

The Association of Chiefs of Police gathered in Concord on Monday to repeat its opposition.

It comes as the legislative commission tasked with studying legalization, taxation and regulation of cannabis is wrapping up its report.

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  Governor Sununu's Council on Diversity and Inclusion is asking for input from the public on issues of inequality in the state.


The Council will stop Tuesday evening in Keene, which marks more than half a dozen listening sessions since its formation late last year.


Chair Rogers Johnson says they've collected a lot of data at the events and that there's an increased intensity from the volunteer council members.


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The Department of Health and Human Services says it will receive a $1.85 million federal grant aimed at improving dental health.

The funds, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will allow the state's oral health program to continue its school-based approach.That means bringing dental hygienists directly to kids at their school, says Oral Health Program director Hope Saltmarsh.

Update: A Wolfeboro man died of multiple gun shot wounds Sunday night and New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald said after an autopsy that it is a case of homicide.

The AG identified the man as Kris Dube, 36, who died at the scene - a single-family home at 10 Lakeview Drive.

Police said his girlfriend, 36-year-old Kathleen Moran, also suffered gun shot wounds. She was taken to the hospital, where she remains in critical condition.

Other residents who were home at the time of the shooting were not injured.

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Several “inadvertent data entry mistakes” by the Secretary of State's office are to blame for the 146 incorrect absentee ballots that were sent to voters in five New Hampshire towns, according to a review by the Attorney General’s office.

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With just over two weeks to go until voters head to the polls, a judge has blocked the state from using new voter registration regulations that require voters to prove they live where they're trying to vote. Instead, the judge says the state needs to switch back to the registration forms used in 2016.

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Community members in the Mount Washington Valley are invited to a listening session on housing Monday night.

At the meeting, residents will be asked to imagine new kinds of housing developments for open land in their towns, without the constraints of current local zoning regulations.

Victoria Laracy is Executive Director of the Mount Washington Valley Housing coalition, which is putting on the sessions. She says the region's housing shortage is a big concern for businesses in the area.

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A fashion show this past weekend at the University of New Hampshire, part of the Black New England Conference, took an Afrofuturistic approach. Afrofuturism is an aesthetic and philosophy that combines elements of science fiction and African mythology to explore the future of Black identity. Terry Robinson is the creative director and co-organizer of the fashion show. He spoke with NHPR’s Peter Biello on All Things Considered before the event.



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Students from across the state convened at Manchester Community College over the weekend for the state's first Youth Forum on Race and Racism.

The gathering, organized by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire, was meant to help students develop plans for addressing issues of race and racism at their schools.

A $100,000 grant is available for a New Hampshire school seeking to increase its energy efficiency.

The money comes from the U.S. Department of Energy and is flagged for state energy projects. This is the first time New Hampshire has made the funds available to schools.

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On Saturday, Laconia Middle School became a training ground for police, firefighters, and EMS personnel from across Belknap County.

The Laconia Police Department organized the training to test local emergency response in case of an active shooter. Police departments across the state conduct these regularly, but trainings at schools have ramped up in the last several years, in part due to funding from the Department of Homeland Security.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see photos from the training.

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Chris Sununu is popular incumbent governor from a political family of national prominence. He also enjoys the social aspects of poltics.

You’d think he’d be a prolific political fundraiser.

But a look at Sununu’s fundraising totals for this election – about $1.5 million – would prove you wrong.

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In most election years, the thinking goes that a strong economy boosts the party in power. The incumbents can argue ‘Hey, just look at your wallet!' as they make a pitch for another term.

Governor Chris Sununu is very much following that playback, while his challenger Molly Kelly works to paint a different economic picture in the state.


Someone who bought a Mega Millions ticket in New Hampshire came closer than most to winning the $1 billion prize.

They matched five of the six numbers in Friday's drawing with a ticket now worth $1 million.

[Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $1.6 Billion]

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Like many a millennial hired at the dawn of the era of social media, Zachary Byam found himself in charge of creating a Facebook page at his college job.

But his task was unique. Byam worked as a part-time police officer, and he was creating his department's first social media account.

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No one hit the Mega Millions jackpot Friday night. With the rollover, the jackpot has soared to $1.6 billion.

The next drawing is Tuesday.

The numbers drawn last night: 



An Friday post continues below here:

With tonight's Mega Millions jackpot now at $1 billion, the New Hampshire Lottery expects each of its 1,400 retailers on average  to soon be selling three or four tickets a minute.


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The University of New Hampshire is hosting the 12th Annual Black New England Conference this weekend. This year, the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire Citizen of the Year Award goes to 95-year-old artist and writer Ashley Bryan.

“I'm always touched by such awards and hope that I'm worthy of them. There's so many wonderful people doing excellent work and my work is so modest in comparison,” Bryan said.

Marlborough Police Department

When cops go online, sometimes they make jokes. 

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All this week All Things Considered is speaking with candidates for New Hampshire governor about economic policy. Today NHPR’s Peter Biello spoke with Democratic candidate Molly Kelly.

(This transcript has been edited lightly for clarity.)

Let's start by talking about business taxes because Republicans are pointing to business taxes as at least part of the cause for New Hampshire's strong economy. Where do you stand on business taxes?

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A controversial conference in Portsmouth Friday focused on economic solutions to climate change – while questioning some mainstream scientific views. 

The Portsmouth Conference was the first put on by Citizens Count, a nonpartisan voter education nonprofit.

Its founder is prominent New Hampshire businessman Paul Montrone, who sat in on the conference at a hotel in Portsmouth.

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The Laconia Police Department is conducting an active shooter exercise Saturday at Laconia Middle School.

New Hampshire police run these exercises regularly, but this one is meant to train officers from departments throughout Belknap County.

Police Chief Matthew Canfield says, when incidents occur in a rural state, it's critical to coordinate multiple departments.

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Republican Governor Chris Sununu holds a comfortable lead over Democratic challenger Molly Kelly. That's according to a new UNH poll that finds Sununu ejoying stronger partisan support, but says Democrats are more motivated to vote.

Click here to read the poll results

Fifty percent of those polled by UNH say they plan to vote for Sununu; 39 percent say they'll vote for Kelly.

The State Employees Association has filed a suit against one of its own. The union, which represents approximately 10,000 public sector employees, is calling for past-president Diana Lacey to stop posting information that it considers confidential.

Lacey’s social media posts, which she says were made in a private Facebook group, focus on a long-running dispute between the union and the State Liquor Commission over the agency’s handling of alleged bootlegging.

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The novelist Willa Cather was born in Nebraska, but composed much of her most celebrated work, including My Ántonia, in New Hampshire.

She is buried in Jaffrey, New Hampshire and that's where this weekend fans of her work will gather to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of My Ántonia.

Democratic nominee for governor Molly Kelly says she plans to reevaluate the state budget to make the opioid crisis and child protection services a priority.

Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley spoke with Kelly on health care issues in New Hampshire. Morning Edition is interviewing all gubernatorial candidates on health issues this week.

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As Election Day approaches, the race between 1st Congressional District candidates Chris Pappas and Eddie Edwards is heating up. 

The candidates met at a packed AARP forum on Thursday to discuss Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, prescription drug prices, and paid family leave. 

They had starkly different takes on how to support seniors, with Democrat Chris Pappas saying he would "protect and strengthen" government programs, and Republican Eddie Edwards advocating for the free market over government control. 

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Forty New Hampshire residents became official U.S. citizens on Thursday.

They took the oath of allegiance at a naturalization ceremony in Manchester organized by the U.S Citizen and Immigration Services.

The new citizens came originally from 24 different countries, from Somalia to Nepal to Canada.

They now live in 18 different towns across New Hampshire.

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If you glance up at the balcony in the New Hampshire Senate chamber on the day of any big vote, you’ll see a crowd of lobbyists sitting shoulder to shoulder, carefully watching the outcome on behalf of their clients.

And if you turn to the campaign finance filings for the New Hampshire Senate, you’ll see many of the same names represented in that balcony — both lobbyists and their clients — listed as campaign donors. In fact, lobbying interests are among the most reliable sources of political fundraising for New Hampshire lawmakers.